A Drop Of Om On Intuition Liability Waiver

A Drop Of Om On Intuition Online Course Liability Waiver
By registering to the free module (A Drop Of Om On Intuition – Free Module) or the full version (A Drop Of Om On Intuition) of the A Drop of Om On Intuition online course (to be referred to as ‘course’ from now on), you confirm and agree to the following:
  • You are solely responsible for the decisions you make and their physical, emotional, financial, relationship or any other outcomes based on what you learn and practice in this course, before, during or after taking the A Drop Of Om On Intuition online course and will not hold Damla Bozkurt Aktekin or A Drop Of Om responsible for your decisions or their outcomes at any point in time.
  • The information and tools presented in this course are not intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe or dispense medical advice, or to replace any medical advice from your licensed medical provider/physician.
  • You confirm that your physical state and health allows you to stay prone or seated for 15 minutes or longer, as you follow the Whole Body Listening meditation. You also confirm that you will not be driving, operating machinery or perform any other potentially dangerous tasks that are not conducive to physical relaxation, while listening to this meditation, watching the course modules or while completing the course worksheets and exercises.
  • You will not, now or in the future, copy, sell, plagiarize, or use the course materials or the contents of this online course for monetary gain or otherwise. You accept and understand that all copyrights belong to Damla Bozkurt Aktekin and A Drop Of Om.
  • As a way to honor Damla’s time, hard work, and your own integrity, you will not share the course materials, links, worksheets or content with others who are not registered to the full version of the course. You are more than welcome to direct anyone interested to the free module registration.
  • This liability waiver is valid from the date of your registration onwards to A Drop Of Om On Intuition – Free Module or A Drop Of Om On Intuition online courses through theĀ A Drop Of Om Courses page (https://courses.adropofom.com/).